Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Break for Some Tricks

I love cooking. Therefore, I love cooking shows. Not only is it entertainment, I get to learn new tricks of the kitchen to make my cooking life a little easier. I'd like to pass some of those on to you now.

Cracking an Egg
America's Test Kitchen on PBS taught me these tricks.
1.) Crack Eggs on a FLAT surface
     I know it's counter-intuitive, but the reason it works is because you gain access to the egg, but the inner shell membrane remains intact and keeps the eggshell from creeping into your bowl.
2.) Use eggshell to retrieve eggshell
     Anyone who has chased a piece of shell around a bowl of squishy egg guts knows it isn't easy. They simply do not want to come. For whatever reason, though, the shells are attracted to each other and allow you to lift stray bits right out!

Softened vs. Melted
There is a difference. Over heating butter leads to wet dough and shapeless cookies.

Chopping and Onion
Neatest trick ever!
Video version
1.) Slice the onion in half.
2.) Set the onion on your cutting board sliced side down.
3.) Cut following the natural sections of the onion but only go 3/4 through.
4.) Make horizontal cuts 3/4 of the way through as well.
5.) Then set your blade on end like you would normally chop and chop away.

This has saved me many frustrating hours in the kitchen, I assure you.

Hope these tips help you as much as they have me!

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