Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recipe 1: Truffles

About a week ago, I found 15 "holiday" baking recipes I wanted to try, and I dove right in. Tonight I experienced my first failure. (I promise to tell you about the successes later but those stories aren't nearly as interesting).
I made truffles.
I did not like the truffles.
They were a lot of work.
They tasted like giant Hershey's kisses with cinnamon.
That is the short version. Here's the long version.
I am always looking for chocolate recipes that I can make at home because my oldest son has a peanut allergy and is thereby severely limited in the kinds of chocolates he can have. Honestly, even finding safe baking chocolate presents a challenge. Anyway, I found this really appealing truffle recipe. The picture on the card looked awesome, anyhow.
It was a lie.
There was a lot of work involved.
1.) Melt chocolate with butter
2.) Stir in whipping cream, vanilla and cinnamon
3.) Refrigerate for one hour, stirring every 5 minutes
4.) Form into balls
5.) Refrigerate for an additional hour
6.) Eat a big Hershey's kiss
I was rather disappointed. I wanted something light, fluffy and amazing. I got something huge, clunky and too rich.
On another note—my son LOVED the recipe. Next time I intend to give him some baking chocolate slightly melted with powdered sugar on top.


  1. Sad day. I was really looking forward to these.

  2. Jim said pregnant Krissy would probably love them :)

  3. Ha! Pregnant Krissy would! Did you keep any? :)