Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Introduction

I suppose I should first explain the name and reason for my blog.
My grandmother passed away a little more than one year ago. I thought I knew her pretty well in life as we shared many afternoons baking in the kitchen and later, sharing long, winding conversations about all manners of things. One of the most surprising discoveries since her passing, though, has been our very similar sense of style. It's odd how a colorful piece of costume jewelry can bind two people together across the span of heaven and earth.
Anyway, along with a cherished ring, a gorgeous dress and some other odds and ends, I received 3 gorgeous, practical aprons that had once belonged to her. And I love to wear them. Every time I tie a vintage ribbon around my waist, I hear my grandma's distinct laugh as she teases me for insisting on baking a cake from scratch. Each time I slip a recipe card into a simple, single-button pocket, I recall her absolutely care-free assurances that sugar is easy to clean up and a decent mess is an entirely necessary part of a good batch of brownies.
Not every memory I have is so glowing, but the ones revolving around the kitchen are…and she is my inspiration for sharing all of this with you. I hope you enjoy my anecdotes on culinary exploration as much as I enjoy exploring.
And I hope there is an echo of someone happy and carefree in the kitchen where you cook too.

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  1. I love it! And I was just thinking that you should do something like this the other day!!