Sunday, December 26, 2010


I've been thinking about Grandma a lot this last week. I cut my hair, and it's now an updated version of the way she liked it best. It snowed, and I have avoided driving as much possible. And I cooked.

I cooked and baked enough to feed an army...or seven.

I baked six dozen cookies in Grandma's apron on Christmas Eve day, and I thought of her often as I gave up trying to tuck my hair behind my ear and put on a head band.

This was my first Christmas attempting the big meal. I planned for ham, yams, two kinds of stuffing, green bean/red potato casserole, corn, fresh bread, and shells and cheese and the only thing that went awry was the ham didn't cook as fast as the directions said. But I had built in extra time just for that particular annoyance, so it wasn't devastating.

In addition to the ginger bread cookies (I'm a terrible decorator)

I also baked a ginger bread cake

and made mini lava cakes (which no one ate because they were too full from the meal).

All-in-all, I'd declare the day a success. I hope that my family enjoyed eating the meal that I enjoyed cooking, and I might even ask to cook for the big family gathering next year. Here's to hoping.

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine. Until next time, good luck in the kitchen.

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