Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recipe 5: Penne with Creamy Bacon Sauce

Recently, I had dinner at my dad's house and offered to help with some of the cooking--Shocking, I know. I wanted something easy but delicious and memorable.

I hit the mark.

My dad and step mom have two young children, and sometimes fancy recipes are a definite 'no,' but this recipe went over so well that my step mom requested the recipe. It was a proud moment.

This recipe is great for 3 reasons: it's 5 ingredients, so it's cheap; it's quick; it's great.

The sauce is just what it promises, it's creamy. The bacon provides a nice, salty bite and the noodles, if cooked right, keep the dish from going overboard. Plus, who doesn't like bacon, right?

Penne with Creamy Bacon Sauce

1 pound (1 box) penne noodles (Rigatoni also works well)
8 slices of bacon thinly sliced (add more to taste)--
if you leave the bacon slightly frozen, they are much easier to slice. Scissors also work well for this job.1 1/4 cup heavy or double cream
3 toes of garlic
1/2 cup grated Parmesan

1.) Cook noodles as directed
2.) Dry-fry bacon in a large frying pan over medium heat until crispy
3.) Add the cream, garlic and Parmesan
4.) Cook over low heat for 4 minutes
5.) Drain the noodles and combine

I encourage you to tweak this to your liking. If you love bacon, use a whole package instead of the prescribed 8 slices. If you want a richer sauce, add more cheese. Scale back on the garlic if you make it for a date. You get the picture.

Have fun!

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